Our Story

Vita was born from the belief that pleasure from the simplest moments we share with the people we love is what makes life truly special.

Health has been one of the best gifts of all and allows me to grow in these relationships as well as empowers me to take on life’s challenges.

Vita, meaning life, is my ideal fitness experience designed to boost vitality, increase energy and inspire meaningful connections between like-minded people which overall creates a healthier and happier life.

- 1 -


I love our uncomplicated sequences that make me workout smarter, not harder, keep me flexible, strong and in peak physical condition.

- 2 -


The mental benefits of training are also amazing, so I adore how our workouts connect me with my inner energy, making me feel good and full of life.

- 3 -


I love sharing my passion for life. At Vita we care, we connect and we create long lasting bonds, because we are stronger together.

- 4 -


I appreciate everything that is beautiful and gives me comfort. Vita satisfies the need for harmony and enjoyment even in my workout.

- 5 -


Our comprehensive timetable of different workouts keeps my body and mind engaged and makes it always easy to squeeze a session into my busy day.

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